Learn how to develop effective digital services in an Agile way with AgileDS training and certification.

We’re living in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world which is having a significant impact on the very nature of organizations and how they operate.
For this reason, the Agile Business Consortium has developed a new version of their widely recognized Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) framework, specifically targeted at digital service development.

The AgileDS (Agile Digital Services) guidance and supporting training courses will explain how its concepts can be easily aligned to the GDS lifecycle and roles, providing a flexible governance structure to use alongside Scrum, Kanban and other IT development approaches.

Training and certification will help candidates to understand:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile Digital Services in a project situation.
  • The lifecycle of an Agile and Digital Services project.
  • The effective application of key Agile techniques.
  • The roles and responsibilities within an Agile Digital Services project.
  • Mechanisms for planning, control and governance of an Agile Digital Services project.



AgileDS training and certification is aimed at practising project managers and team members working on the development and evolution of digital services.

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